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Save the Ocean! Frisbee (Disc-Flyer) "Ocean" Ø 22cm

Our sustainable Frisbee (Disc-Flyer) "Ocean" (Art.-No. 300596-Ocean) with a diameter of 22 cm consists of 100% Ocean Plastic. (On request also with a content of 50% Ocean Plastic).

The Ocean Plastic we use is made from plastic waste that has been fished out of the sea as well as collected from the beach and recycled.

Material supplier audited to: Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) & Ocean Bound Plastic Certification (OBP) by Zero Plastic Oceans (ZPO)

Refinement by digital or screen printing

- Made in Germany!
- Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly
- 100% recyclable

We are looking forward to your request!

  • Bio-Reusable cup "Challenge-Cup" 500ml incl. In-Mould-Label