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Sustainability is our highest priority

  • „Made in Germany“ (this means short transfer distances)
  • All our articles are exclusively reusable products (when properly used, unlimited shelf life)
  • All plastic materials used are 100% recyclable
  • Increasing the share of recycled materials we use
  • Multiple use of cardboard during production process
  • Climate neutral parcel transport
  • Use of green electricity & Certificate renewable energy
  • Use of a heat recovery system. The waste heat from production heats the plant.
  • Conversion to an energy-efficient compressed air generation system / prevention of compressed air leakage using ultrasonic measurement
  • Water cooling system plant with free cooling
  • Complete lighting converted to LED technology (indoor and outdoor)
  • Participation in the initiative of the plastics association „Zero Granule Loss“
  • Operation of an alternaive system to improve energy efficiency according to paragraph 3 of the SpaEfv
  • Accession to the regional network for energy efficiency „REGINEE“
  • Ongoing training of our employees to increase energy-conscious behaviour